In mid-March, Peter Macedo of Blacksburg Bagels got an unusual Facebook message from one of his customers.  It read, “Hi! If I give you $600 can you get $100 worth of bread and/or bagels to the Interfaith Food Pantry in Blacksburg each week for the next 6 weeks?”  Peter was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and was blown away by this community member’s generosity.  He knew she could easily have just given that money directly to the Food Pantry, but she decided to amplify the impact of her donation by supporting a local business at the same time.  That’s when Peter decided to match that gift dollar for dollar, supplying $1200 in fresh bread to the Interfaith Food Pantry over a six week span.  Since then, other customers have come forward to make similar donations, some of them longtime customers, others total strangers.   So far, each one has decided to remain anonymous.  One such person made a large in-person donation at the Farmers Market and Peter was overwhelmed with emotion.  He remembers telling the person, “I can’t hug you.  I’m not allowed to hug you, but I’m allowed to cry.”  For Peter, the most challenging thing hasn’t been baking all that extra bread.  It’s been staying six feet away and just saying thank you. 

To support Blacksburg Bagels’ continued partnership with the Interfaith Food Pantry, or would like to suggest another NRV group that could benefit from donation of free bread, please contact:

Blacksburg Bagels

Interfaith Food Pantry

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