In 2019 we had an amazing line up of lightning round speakers, an engaging review of regional data and trends, a panel to provide insights on how we might address challenging community issues, and a free networking lunch. 

This event provides an opportunity each year to come together, share and learn about exciting work underway across the region that supports the goals and priorities of the Livability Initiative and to identify potential partnerships and collaborations.

Click here to get a copy of the agenda or to view the first set of lightning round speaker presentations and here for the second round of speaker presentations.

When in ROAM: A New Bike ShareProgram Brad Epperley, Town of Christiansburg
Gone FISHin’: Better Housing in a Weekend Susan Icove, Floyd Initiative for Safe Housing
Back to School: Pulaski Brings New Life to the Calfee School Alison Hunter, YMCA and Jill Williams, Community Member
What’s Cooking in the Prices Fork Kitchen? Eric Bucey and Jessica Schultz, Beans and Rice
The Missing Middle: Understanding Obstacles to Career Advancement Jenny Bolte, New River Mount Rogers Workforce Investment Board
The Water Quality Conundrum: Metrics versus Expectations Dr. Larry Willis, Department of Environmental Quality
Building Blocks and Stumbling Blocks: Smart Beginnings Early Childhood Needs Assessment Meghan Pfliederer, Smart Beginnings NRV
When the Funds Don’t Fit: Barriers to Home Modifications for an Aging Population Elisabeth Willis, NRV Home Consortium and Shelley Fortier, NRV Habitat for Humanity
Health, It’s Complicated: Findings from our regional Community Health Needs Assessment Ashley Hash, Carilion and Dr. Noelle Bissell, New River Valley Health District
You’re Hired, Now Stay: Retaining Talent in the NRV Charlie Jewel, Onward NRV
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